Cadence is all about making it easier to be intentional with your own time. It aims to provide a platform that makes it easy for you to manage your most valuable resource.

 At a first glance Cadence is a calendar & to-do app. It aims to deliver a better experience at letting you manage events, to-dos, and manage time-blocking.

 At a more fundamental level, Cadence is a dashboard. It lets you view, manage, and make informed decisions about what you're doing with your time.


  • Unified Experience: Seamlessly blend your to-dos and events for a comprehensive overview of your life.
  • User-Centric Design: Enjoy a clean design language that's both distinctive and familiar, providing a user-friendly interface with a native experience.
  • Extensible and Open: Cadence is designed to be extensible and easy to get started with. It syncs your data to Apple Calendar and Reminders to hit the ground running while ensuring your data is yours.
  • No lock-in here – you're here for the experience, not because you have to be.

Join the Conversation

 Cadence is very much still in beta but feel free to try out the TestFlight to get a feel for where it's at right now. Your feedback is crucial as I refine the app and aim to improve usability and productivity, it really shapes the future of the app.

Stay Tuned

 I've been putting in the hours to create Cadence, working full-time for the past few months. As Cadence evolves, expect exciting updates. For now, enjoy a simple, free experience that helps you stay on top of your tasks and events.